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1983 Established number of 39 undergraduate students
1997 Into the department of 1 engineering, Electronic Engineering calculations for department formation
1999 Changing Electronics and Information
2001 Changing College of Electronics and Information, Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering is established with number of 39 undergraduate students in 1983 called Electronic Engineering calculations, is into the department of 1 Engineering, Electronic Engineering calculations in 1997 because of department formation, and has been changed into Electronics and Information Science since 1999. CS has the faculty, 20 professors who have been so excellent in their scholarship internally and eternally, and have a depth and wide exchange of lab and research and development.
The faculties educate on the theory of CE-related basics and application and have lecture and research about new study subject of the rapidly growing computer-related field. And, they educate completely students on distributive education needed on the spot by using cutting-edge tools such as PC, workstation, multimedia tool, various software tool, LAN and Internet.

Multimedia equipment

150 multimedia PCs, 50 SUN workstations, 3 Silicon Graphics’ indigo workstations(supposed to buy), digital camera, video stereo sound-broadcasting equipment, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 codec, HP laser color printer, scanner, 72-inch TV, 57-inch full HD LCD monitor, SONY TRV-900 + BEHERE a fisheye lens, omnidirectional camera (LADYBUG Ⅱ), 9 miniature cameras FL2-08S2C, PXA255 embedded system toolkit, web cluster server

System software

MAYA, SOFTMAGE, 3D STUDIO MAX, multimedia image production software, object-oriented software modeling, analysis tool, middleware like IONA’s CORBA, Solaris, Linux, Windows, Oracle, Informix, MS-SOL, ORBIX2000, VISIBROLER, VZWORKS, AUTHORWARE

Network equipment

ATM, LAN analyzer, Internet, OPNET

Also, they help students solve the problem by themselves and have creativity by supporting computer-related club activity and guiding studying abroad, international night, various software competitions, introducing a reward program of excellent thesis.